Participating Organizations

Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth
San Francisco, California, USA |

Coleman builds the leadership and power of low-income and working class youth and parents of color in San Francisco to advance racial and economic justice in our schools and our city. Through grassroots organizing, budget and policy advocacy, and voter engagement, we are building a city of hope, justice, and opportunity – a San Francisco where all children and families have access to high-quality education, living wage jobs, family-supporting benefits, affordable housing, and a voice in the decisions that affect us.

Kenwood Oakland Community Organization
Chicago, Illinois, USA |

KOCO’s organizing agenda is directly informed by its constituency, the low-income and working families within the North Kenwood, Oakland, and its adjacent communities. KOCO’s organizing approach engages residents in identifying the issues that they want to see addressed, and facilitating the planning, strategizing and training opportunities to aid residents in addressing issues. KOCO is a membership-driven organization.

Padres & Jóvenes Unidos
Denver, Colorado, USA |

With roots in the struggle for educational justice, Padres Unidos has evolved into a multi-issue organization led by people of color who work for educational excellence, racial justice for youth, immigrant rights and quality healthcare for all. Jóvenes Unidos, the youth initiative of Padres Unidos, emerged as young people became active in reforming their schools, ending the school to jail track and organizing for immigrant student rights.

VAYLA New Orleans
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA |

Young community leaders founded VAYLA-NO in 2006 as a means to reach out to the larger community to create a voice and organize to address the needs in the local community. It is a youth-led community-based organization that empowers underrepresented youth through supportive services and organizing for cultural enrichment and positive social change.

Equal Education
Khayelitsha, Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa |

Equal Education is a movement of learners, parents, teachers and community members working for quality and equality in South African education. The firm belief is that education will enable the poor and working classes to an equal opportunity in life. EE’s campaigns are based on detailed research, and policy analysis. As a community and membership-based organization, it engages in evidence-based activism for improving the nation’s schools. EE is also a leader in youth leadership development.

WIMPS aka Where Is My Public Servant? 
Belfast, Northern Ireland |

“WIMPS” Is a space for young people to discuss and debate issues. They remind politicians that they work for young people—who are citizens too! Young people organize to campaign, bring their views directly to politicians and others, and influence the decisions that affect their lives.

Dublin, Republic of Ireland |

Familibase offers for awareness-raising, training/education and activities that promote youth civic, social and political development.